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  1. more wnd ramblings

    I am happy that the original group is getting back together again and that most of the side quests are either complete or nearing completion. Hoping that KC takes us back to the sweat research that was done in earlier chapters and the tower group working on ways to make themselves less detectable by the undead. My other hope is that we get to learn more about the intelligence of the undead and how they plot and scheme as well as what really caused this whole mess to begin with. One thing i really ...
  2. Fun jobs we wish Burt had:

    Daycare worker.
    Working as a Wal Mart people greeter.
    Suicide prevention hotline.
    Women's shoe department in Macy's.
  3. kid and animal zombies

    listening to the we're not dead podcast the other night and someone made mention of a zombie kid growl after listening to some of the zombie growl entries so i got to thinking. why are there no kid or animal zombies ? for amimals maybe the "virus" doesnt affect them or all the animals got eaten by the zombies right after they turned ?

    kid zombies *shivers* man that would be freaky !!!!

    last random thought is wouldnt it be sick if the tower folks stumbled ...