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  1. toyotamydinh's Avatar
    On Tuesday, for my 1 o'clock appointment. I had a very routine internet install. Nothing major, all the lines were there, the house was already hooked up so the effort I had to put in would be minimal.
  2. Gooer's Avatar
    Im glad how far the guys and the series has gotten, it and the guys deserve it.

    As to what happened? Not a clue. Influx of spammers joining maybe? Not sure.
  3. Nullifier's Avatar
    Purified, Demineralized, Desalinated & or Distilled water are devoid of Minerals, it has no or little Calcium, Iron, Magnesium & other trace elements necessary for sustaining life, most importantly the danger for flushing your system of Electrolytes is quite high.
    Large Desalination Plants operating around the world 'Re-mineralize" the water before passing it on to the consumer.
    These forms of water should only ever been treated as a supplement to normal drinking water when the supply of the later is in doubt.
  4. MrScott101's Avatar
    That was fantastic, more so because you went through the process and even showed pics, very useful stuff even if we're not currently in a ZA!
  5. Ra1th's Avatar
    Wow this is awesome, and it's totally useful too!
  6. ComradeNarf's Avatar
    Great article, and props for actually doing it yourself (and being willing to drink the results)!

    Somebody get Revolver a monogrammed "We're Alive" lab coat!
  7. Zombiehead's Avatar
    I look forward to it.
  8. Wicked Sid's Avatar
    Dang, was everyone ill? I was hit with a serious stomach flu and I'll spare you all the details.
  9. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    If you want to look on the bright side, at least you know how you got sick. I got sick most likely from some Typhoid Mary on the frappin' Subway in New York. Here's to us recovering quickly!
  10. Pen's Avatar
    I haven't seen a good remake yet. The new versions are terrible. I don't even bother seeing the new versions any more.
  11. Pen's Avatar
    Wow, how inconsiderate of that lady. I would never let my kids bother someone, even if they weren't sick. That suxs! Hope you feel better soon.
  12. Eviebae's Avatar
    "The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here!...I'm somebody now! Millions of people look at this book everyday! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity - your name in print - that makes people."
  13. yarri's Avatar
    Revolver I am so sorry. Tis the season of the plague and child driven illness are the worse. Get better soon.
  14. Teethingbiscuit's Avatar
    From the rooftops Revolver.
    I like winter. It helps my organization. More pockets.
  15. TCM Revolver's Avatar
    Killer!! Thanks KC!
  16. Kc's Avatar
    Find an image for this article and I will promote it to an Article
  17. Ra1th's Avatar
    dude so cal sucks, it never snows, i wanna move to the east coast and have snowy winters
  18. TCM Revolver's Avatar
    99%?? May I ask about the other 1%??
  19. Destiny's Avatar
    I agree 99% with what you just said.
  20. mascaria's Avatar
    I like snow, when it's snowing. After that I'd be pretty happy if it went away.
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