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  1. Rock Daddy's Avatar
    Welcome back TKD Sniper!
  2. cPT.cAPSLOCK's Avatar
    Great to see another person willing to help

    As for the wiki:
    First of all, just make sure you use the 'preview' option before submitting changes. That'll allow you to make sure everything is being displayed correctly, instead of making many little changes.
    Second, the power of the wiki is being able to easily link pages. Therefore, it'd be nice if you would use the 'wiki' tags around names and the likes, so that people can click on it to find information.
    Lastly, if anything goes wrong: don't worry, and send me a private message. I'll revert the page to an earlier state, and thus undo your changes.

    don't forget to keep in mind the Wiki Rules, and if you need help you can always check the Wiki Help and Wiki Code List.
  3. TKD SNIPER's Avatar
    thank you sir!
  4. Kc's Avatar
    Welcome to the blogs!