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All Zeehs Things

Oh, another Zombie-Blog?

Well, yes. Reason: All Zeehs Things - kind of a pun of "all these zombie things" - is about collecting the jewels or articles from various websites and blogs about zombies ...

Enjoy your stay!

  1. A tribute to our beloved Aunt: Zombies and the Law


    Hello and welcome again to my WA-blog about All Zeehs Things.

    During my preparations for this article something weird happened on the forum: CabbagePatch raised a couple of questions in the topic about Zombies and Canada on the forum which actually partially falls into what I was going to write about in this article. This is, what Cabbage wrote:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cabbage Patch View Post
    I think the key to getting the government to respond to a brewing zombie crisis is to tap

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  2. Where to begin ... ? A Blog-Introduction AND Zombies and Neurobiology

    1. Pointless Introduction

    Just check your google-fu or bing-thing or whatever search-engine you prefer and enter the two words "zombie" and "blog", hit the search-button, and then you'll see what's going on.

    In short spoilerage: The zombie-apocalypse is already stampeding through the net. And that, what you may find, is rich in quantity, quality and certain standards. When I 'searched' with the two chosen words for the first time, I was pretty much amazed how ...

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