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All Zeehs Things

Oh, another Zombie-Blog?

Well, yes. Reason: All Zeehs Things - kind of a pun of "all these zombie things" - is about collecting the jewels or articles from various websites and blogs about zombies ...

Enjoy your stay!

  1. Announcement - New series of Daily Reptrivias!

    Knowledge is power. But are you powerful enough to be prepared? Prepared for season 4 of 'We're Alive', the Zombiepodcast?
    Season 4 is closing in. Looking back at more than four rich years with seasons 1 through 3 a lot has happened. Do you remember what?
    Check your skills and join the zombie-warm-up-frenzy! Starting with 10th July the astounding Daily Reptrivia-quizes on the We're Alive-forum will test your skills! Log on, get it right, and survive!

    Ok, now you know, ...

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