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    I totally wanted it to be Datu. Thought that would put an interesting spin on things. Alas...*sigh*
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    I dont think Kalani did it but at the other tower he was there only 3 days, who knows
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    I was under the impression that Datu was in deep shock between coming back from the arena and the war, and the mallers knew that they had barely any ammo. I doubt Datu would have had guard duty in this time period, and therefore is unlikely to have had any oppurtunity to speak to the mallers on the radio. When the war started, he needed to be taken upstairs, and had to be supervised by Riley. I don't think he is a viable suspect, unless he is faking it.

    Also Ra1th, is it not possible the mallers could recognise kelly as being a lawyer in one of their trials?
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    "We're A-Live" was the name I thought should be had for this event to begin with. Sounds like you had a fun time! Thanks for sharing! =D
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    Thanks ZH! Yeah going back and reading through the archives of that night was... interesting to say the least hahaha

    And Pegs is very pretty in real life!
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    You win the chatbox award for receiving the most idle threats in a single night! Sounds like you had a blast! Grats on the shout out! P.S. (I'm jealous you got to meet Pegs.)
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    It was really nice meeting you too Britt!!!
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    Nice meeting you!!!
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