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  1. Reaper's Corner and Poli-Ticks

    osiris suggested i post this here so i said, "eh, ok."

    so, i recently had this major discussion on the other forums with my friend Osiris regarding gun rights, which then devolved into an argument over the basic nature of rights, and it occurred to me: osi didn't actually have a firm understanding of the nature of rights. now, this isn't anything against osi, he's a smart man with a lot of knowledge to impart, but he does seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding as to the ...
  2. Merry Christmas from Reaper's Corner

    [COLOR="#ADD8E6"]no it's not actually Christmas yet, but my weekend is going to be full, and i wish to spread some cheer. enjoy

    The night before Z-Mas

    Twas the night before Christmas, and deep in a lab
    There were men doing things that were evil and bad
    They were tapping their test tubes, their beakers and burners
    And making a virus, their agenda to further
    They worked all the day and well into the night
    To finish a test before ...
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  3. Reaper's Corner is Complete

    [COLOR="#ADD8E6"]i did a review for this on another site, and i tend not to repeat myself, but this is so awesome that i just had to tell more people... especially since the website the other review is on no longer exists.

    so, i haven't had much ocassion yet to really inundate my readers with my likes and dislikes. here is one possibly well known fact that you may not know: i am a metal head. through and through. from ac/dc and zz top to abacabb and zao (see what i did there? ...
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  4. Reaper's Corner Pimp Slaps a Dragon

    [COLOR="#ADD8E6"]it's true, it showed up as i was leaving a building in morthal, so i got my boxed lunch (love to arthur) yelled at it a lot, and when it finally came down to see what i was screaming about i gave him my ring hand. so that sounds funny but it was actually a lot of work. and dragons are only one of the fantastical things you will find in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


    Updated Dec 2nd, 2011 at 05:19 AM by reaper239

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  5. Reaper's Corner Gets Lost

    [COLOR="#ADD8E6"]because my course was Uncharted... 3... Drakes Deception. that's right chillun's, gather round cause i have something else for you, right off the line. it is time for another high flying, gunslinging, rib cracking adventure featuring your two favorite fortune hunters: nate drake, and victor "i'll be, go to hell" sullivan.


    anyone who's played the first ...
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