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    Are the costs firm now at around $1500?
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    composition notebooks will be covered. in fact ill drop a hint here of there may be free ones for anybody at the Friday fan meetup. think of it as a yearbook signing

    that's still pending though, please don't hold me to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyhind86
    I really want to document the journey and the event in a proper journal la Tower style
    Yes! Complete with composition notebooks. I plan to video, podcast, take a ton of pictures and blog the adventure.
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    i want to go but my wife says nay. maybe if kctalks to her directly she will change her mind. not sure i can help in any other ways maybe editing or uploading the good with computers and tech stuff.
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    Okay- thought I would ask.
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    Believe it or not that actually creates more issues logistically than it solves. For one; that means the van is making a one way trip, thus adding another 500 to rental costs. And another; if we take the train back from LA to Chicago, how do those of us "local" to my area return from there back down to here? Would either be another train ticket with third party transport/find a friend to get us...or yet another rental cost in Chicago to return to the STL area. Cool idea, just not practical in the grand scheme.
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    So, I hate to jump in and ask like last minute options - what about taking the train from Chicago to LA. Drink and party all the way and back without car problems. Food can be brought on the when needed and along with anything else. What do you think?
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    I really want to document the journey and the event in a proper journal la Tower style
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    Quote Originally Posted by Litmaster
    Nice job, Todd. We will be the most dedicated fans at the WA finale! Or die trying!!!
    Heh, I'll give ya major dedication! we're all the best fans in the world!
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    I'll plug it maybe Tuesday. No one is online on weekends, well, compared to the weekdays. I want to make sure it gets plugged well
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    Hot Dam! I'm gonna go too!
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    Nice job, Todd. We will be the most dedicated fans at the WA finale! Or die trying!!!
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    Sure. I've already got it out on the twitter-verse, but your reach is far greater than mine. Have at it, boss.
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    Would you like me to advertise this on the social networks?
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    As excited as I already am, and believe me, I'm pretty psyched, the more plans I make and the more ideas and proposals I see on here - I'll be like a kid at Christmas by the time I fly over
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    on topic I think:

    Aug 2010 - Daily Mail proclaims Ivory
    Wave, aka Cloud Nine, aka Bath Salts,
    the latest evil legal high, for possibly
    killing a bride who bought it to
    lose weight.

    Jan 2011 - Daily Mail and American media
    report a new trend of kids slashing their
    throats after possibly snorting Bath Salts.

    June 2012 - Daily Mail reports that
    Cloud Nine, aka Bath Salts, could
    possibly be the drug responsible for
    a trend of cannibalism in the Miami area.
    The girlfriend of the "Miami Cannibal"
    agrees, reasoning that: "The only
    other explanation was supernatural.
    That someone put a voodoo curse on him…"

    The suggestion of the article I took this from is that, in relation to this particular drug, it is a load of bull. Although your points are still valid.
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    a can of mace and good cardio I <3 you Todd LOL ! But you are right in all points you're right.
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    You forgot to mention my blog... Just sayin. Anyways, I liked it. I don't know why, since it accomplished nothing, but it was good. And beeteedubs, I always have to my volume on something divisible by five. Otherwise I can't even stand to listen to it.
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