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    I'm not saying it was a bad session, I just felt like people could have asked more questions.
  2. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    Britt and I were taking twitter questions all day leading up to the interview, the thread that was opened the first time kevin was on got reopened and I asked people in the chat box.

    Also, don't forget that he's been on before and some of the questions you asked might have already have been asked and answered.
  3. Osiris's Avatar
    Bravo, sir. You're correct about the lack of questions. I'd hoped for a little more depth as well.
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    Dude, I managed to pull off a 5pm to 2am shift on this site last year. I won't let school tamper with my internet plans!!!
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    T'will be the last post for awhile from either of us for a while for today is our last day of freedom. It happens when our high school is more appropriately labeled as a college prep school. We shall disappear behind a mountain of papers, books, and computer files.
  6. 7oddisdead's Avatar
    well done creem. cant wait for the new story!
  7. Creem_Filling's Avatar
    Lol. If only I knew. You should check out Yarri's blogs and Osiris' blogs for those. I believe they have talked about the zombies a lot in the past. Or send an email to Britt with these questions, they may talk about it on WND, and then I'll be talking about it here. Because that is a very interesting subject to talk upon, and I have a few ideas on it that I would be willing to share, if the opportunity showed itself.
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    Creem my friend! I has finally located your blog. Navigating the webernet without a guide is a good way to get lost and typing in Creme Filling into a google search is a great way to find Twinkies but not so much for finding a fellow comrade's blog.

    Solid review and analysis but I have a few questions that I need clarified on the zombies. Are they really dead (as in no pulse) or living shells? Actual dead implies that they may not need to feed (your dead you need no sustinence!) And if they are living shells could these creatures reproduce? One massive generation of creatures will eventually starve or die off. Run of the mill Biters will die via Darwinism eventually which will leave only the smart ones and unless you run into a dense smart people population (i.e. not Hollywood) then you should'nt have an issue. Just a few speculations on the specifics on the nature of these creatures.
  9. Creem_Filling's Avatar
    Well my point was that they had never actually seen them do anything. Yes, we saw that someone had moved the car at some point, but that was assumed to be mister "Paul" who was watching them creepily from the rooftop. Here they actually saw a horde of biters use an elevator. They pressed the correct button and got there w/o one the brainy zombies there to assist them. I understand there thought, I just think this evidence of a deeper intelligence to the zombies we haven't seen yet.
  10. Pikepaw's Avatar
    When I figured out they were using the elevator, my only thought was, "They were driving cars by chapter five to set up ambushes". I'm certain that was a couple of smart ones though in Chapter Five. Of course we don't know how the "smart" ones mix in with the it still does leave some fear if they are getting smarter in general.
  11. Creem_Filling's Avatar
    No problem and I'm sorry to hear that I like how this one turned out anyways.
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    Well done, sir. Well done. Sorry I was unavailable to edit this edition but I was dealing with a loss in the family. I'm all over the next one though, broseph.
  13. Creem_Filling's Avatar
    Writing on older episodes would be challenging. I wouldn't really be able to talk about the theories they made very well, since I know whether they are wrong or right already. But doing something like that would definately be a challenge, which would make it fun. I'm sure I could do it though, since, you know, I'm a pro. I'll add 14 to my "Blog About" list, if I think of something I'll totally do it.
  14. Pikepaw's Avatar
    I think you should write about episode 14, because I enjoyed that one for multiple reasons. "It was a different call...GET IN YOUR HOMES!"
  15. j0be's Avatar
    I don't think it's going to happen, though. If it was going to, it already would have. There is very little dynamic gained by having them go inside and then think of something they could have done from the beginning.
  16. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    My good sir j0be, I agree. The idea does rock. And you know what? If it ended up happening, I would accept it and move on. If we end up back at the hospital this Monday and Riley comes out and shoots the bed sheet back up to them, I will nod my head and say "well ok" and say not another thing about it....maybe. I dunno if I have the will power to not say "SHENANIGANS!"
  17. Creem_Filling's Avatar
    Dude, you sounded a lot more knowledgeable than most poeple. Most people don't understand how it is to shoot a bow. You at least knew what you were talking about for the most part. But I appreciated your input on that whole thing. When it was said in the episode originally I thought it kinda ridiculous and it was right that it should be addressed. And I like the idea too, I just don't think it's possible.
  18. j0be's Avatar
    I'm not quite sure why Greg wasn't on either, but it happens. It's kind of funny that both times that I've been on, he hasn't been there for me to play off of.

    Also, I totally forgot that we didn't fully introduce Michelle during the recorded part of the episode. She does lurk on the forums, but she is an extremely active member on the Facebook page, which is how she contacted Britt to be on the episode.

    Thanks for the clarification about the bows. I'll admit, I don't have much experience with bows, beyond compound. (Which I don't own, just have played with on multiple occasions).

    But here's why I still like the idea of shooting the bedsheets back, even if not 100% feasible: it freaking rocks. . Now, I know that tying something to the bow will cause it to have a different trajectory than expected, but through some test fires, I think trajectory could be overcome. I haven't tested any of this, but I still think it is possible.
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    Bravo, sir... bravo.
  20. Osiris's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Creem_Filling
    By that do you mean do ealier episodes of WND? Because that's what I was thinking of doing. It would just challenge me to write on those, but I could definately go at it.
    No. Not at all. What I mean by going back to the well is going back to that first post and expanding on it. Get philosophical, get messianic... get jiggy with it. Do something unexpected.
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