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May 31st, 2014, 09:22 PM
well, it is drawing close everybody. I am excited and sadden at this event. as I am sure all of you are.
however, I feel like the story could go on. I mean that KC and the Group are going wrap up everything in 5 episodes. at where they are now in the storyline I feel that in needs more time to really finish it out right
lets say over a couple more years. should we start a campaign and start collecting signatures, to show that this cant just end with this storyline. It must go on until we all feel like it should come to an end.

who's with me on this?

what you think KC you willing? I have thrown down the gauntlet of challenge. will you accept it?

just kidding I know you and the group have other projects in line.
as I quote Carol Burnett Thanks for the Memories.

Jun 1st, 2014, 02:01 AM

I would love to see We're Alive evolve for more season, if there WAS the potential for it. But especially the last chapters have connected so many loose ends, and the story has focused on very few story arcs which are closing in for some final conclusions. I don't see the potential for going on. This would make We're Alive just another zombie-story about survival without hope. We're Alive is too good for such a decline.

Best wishes!

Jun 1st, 2014, 03:04 AM
I want WA to end on a high note, with a fulfilling but not necessarily good Hollywood-style ending. What is it all good for if there was a season 5 which turns out to be rather lackluster half way through?

Jun 1st, 2014, 03:28 AM
It sucks because i found it during the gap between season 3 and 4, and love the story and the community. But, the story does feel like it's coming to a close, and won't be another season. I'm grateful for the 4th season, since i think Kc said he could of either rushed it and end at season 3 or continue it until season 4 (which obviously he chose)

Jun 1st, 2014, 01:24 PM
I would love to keep hearing more from the "We're Alive" universe, but if KC feels it will be done, so be it. I remember TV shows like "Friends" and "Seinfeld" feeling like they went on too long, and I see it now with "The Simpsons," and even "Supernatural."

Don't get me wrong, "Supernatural" is good, but if you look at it from how the first season was handled, this season is off course... as scenic and thrilling as the view may be.

I think this may also happen with "We're Alive" if it goes past its last scheduled port call.

But yes, I can't get enough of "We're Alive."

(going back into the basement now because I haven't been as active on the board as I used to be)

Jun 1st, 2014, 01:46 PM
I fully respect whatever KC does. I have not seen any of this season of Supernatural. If KC remains true to story telling, it would work just fie. I think Supernatural suffers from trying to get bigger and higher power levels. The story is two brothers fighting the things that go bump in the night to save people. Then, they are taking on demons, then Angels, then a new God, then daily dealings with the King of Hell and getting all the angels thrown out of Heaven.

Too Much!

They come up with these grandiose drama OMG save the world, but then fall back to the commonality of brotherly love. Satan takes over Sam's mind, but once the devil kicks Dean's ass and Sam reasserts control.

But back to We'revAlive... Humanity is the story. Zombie Apocalypse is the scenery.