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Feb 16th, 2012, 10:59 AM
Ok Troops,

Here's a list of things from the story that are still dangling over our heads. These are all from the 1st two seasons only. These are the ones that haven't been answered yet and are in no certain order of importance. Let's keep it to major plot twists only so we don't get bogged down with little things like "why did the infected have fires burning.."
Stuff that does nothing to advance the story. Nor is the location of Tower 1 a plot twist.

1. Who is Randy?
2. What happened at the plant/Mike's Arm?
3. Ground Zero
4. Zombie Tatts
5. The Hospital
6. The Rat
7. Pippen's Killer
8. Where are the mallers going?
9. Rilley's sexuality (i'm only adding this because it's such a HUGE question on the forum and we ALL want to know the answer)
10. Why use slaves?
11. Who was Pippen (minor)
12. Hannah
13. What did Kalani write?
14. Pinstripe and Tatoo the same?
15. Skittle's story
16. Raydon Labs
17. Lizzie Pregnant?
18. How does Scratch Know Angel?
19. 3rd Floor shooter
20. Who/what is Kalani?

Feel free to add to the list because I'm pretty sure I left a few off, just don't add any season III questions.

Feb 16th, 2012, 11:06 AM
Where the Arena Zombies are going now could be one to add.