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Nov 21st, 2011, 12:02 AM
Okay so between starting my new job and thinking about school and all the other drama going on in my life I have been seriously lacking in posting regularily, so I've resorted to adding a few chapters here and there when I can hopefully after christmas I can resume posting full chapter again. Thankyou for all the wonderful comments about my grammer :)

And that?s when everything went black?

I felt my whole body tense, my heart race. I blinked a few times adjusting my vision to the now darkness. Crap I muttered to myself. I had figured it was only a matter of time before the power went out however I still figured I had a few days. This was going to make finding people about a billion times harder. Wielding my new found mop I made my way back towards the main entrance. The only things down this wing were a set of bathrooms and the maintenance closet at the end of the hall. I have always thought of myself as a people person but while I was searching the bathrooms I let my selfish side come out I found myself wondering why Im searching for survivors when I could be on some beach somewhere enjoying the solitude. My thoughts were cut short when I almost walked into a door. Hey I was I was a lawyer not that I was graceful. I shook my head a few times to get myself thinking straight again and stopped just before the door to the stairwell. How far into this did I want to go. I was supose to be meeting Zakk within the next couple of days, what if he was already there and waiting for me, No I remembered his previous text about coming to get me. however that did not mean I wanted to spend the rest of my life looking for survivors.

I reached the door to the stairs. I took the first couple slowly, I was half expecting my heels to clack against the linoleum, I glanced down and my sensable runners and smiled hey atleast they came in handy for one thing. My building a couple years back decided to remove all of the emergency lights and replace them with* phosphorescent tape in all the stairwells and along main halls. I think Mr. Foster*the owner of the firm had seen some disaster tv show where they used it.*I followed the*phosphorescent tape along the handrail and glanced up at the glowing number two above the door. Just as I reached out my hand to turn the handle I heard a gut wrenching scream

Nov 24th, 2011, 12:21 AM
Lol did someone edit this for me when I posted it I totally don't remember there being all these stars all over the place..