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Oct 3rd, 2011, 10:27 AM
Once this city was a bustle of people going here and there, car horns and sirens warning of yet another deadly shooting or robbery in progress. Slowly the "people-eaters" started to take over the city, at first you heard gut wrenching screams of people being eaten and ripped apart. The screams started to subside those us who were left emerged from our homes and looked at the once mass city, now in shambles.

Oct 3rd, 2011, 10:31 AM
Chapter One - Heels and Track Pants

My name is Ami I was a 29 year old lawyer based in Edmonton, Alberta. I say was because I've come to the realization I won't be returning home anytime soon. I lived alone in a quiet neighborhood where everyone knew everyone else on the block, you know those old movies where people actually waved and smiled at each other yeah I lived in one of those neighborhoods. A suburb amongst the big city, a successful job though my life was great it was far from perfect. I chose to write my story long before the "people eaters" came along, I had always been great at keeping a diary. I never figured it would come in handy. Who knows maybe it will be a famous movie someday... But enough about the history let's get on with the story.

I woke up from what felt like the best sleep of my life. My clock radio showed nine thirty with a yawn and a stretch, I shifted sideways putting my feet onto a faux sheep skin rug. My mother always told me to start your day with a nice rug not a cold floor and you will be a happier person. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I looked around and didn't see my bedroom furniture, it was then I realized I was in my basement and remembered why. I was hit with a overwhelming sense of sadness.

I'm one of those people who had a fear of 2012, you know the whole world supose to end and such guess the mayans were a little off in their calculations. I had been stocking up for months with food, water, batteries. There had been reports on the radio the hosts talked of riots, and police beatings. Figuring it was Not wanting to get stuck in traffic I drove the fastest route home and parked my car in the garage. Opened the front door, and made my way to the living room. Kicking off my heels I got comfy on the couch watching the television for updates. I heard screams coming from outside suddenly the news flashed to scenes of violence and warned of a tanker that was carrying toxic chemicals had just mysteriously crashed the news reporter urged all citizens to remain in their homes.I took fortress in my basement. Blissfully unaware of what was happening outside until I heard the gut wrenching screams and blood splattered againt the window. That was friday.. The last thing I heard on the radio was that citizens of Edmonton were under lockdown in there homes until further notice.

Taking a deep breath and gathering my composure I wandered upstairs, I systematically looked through my house for signs of anyone else who might have been in there. I had been doing this for the past day or so once my gut told me there was nothing around for miles, the screams had stopped and I didn't hear anything from outside. After reassuring myself I was the only one in my house. I grabbed a pair of running shoes from the hall closet, I couldn't remain cooped up in my house until I was told it was okay outside, my soul needed adventure finding a pair of suitable running shoes took me a while because well I'm a typical female with more shoes than I can possibly ever wear. Being a lawyer I've grown custom to wearing heels and pinstripe skirts not track pants and runners.Once I had found a pair I stood at my door pondering whether to lock it or not. I quickly not to lock my door should I emerge and immediately have to run back inside due to something unforseeable on my step or something of the sort. I suppose I shouldn't be so scared of outsid until I know more. After peering through the peep-hole I slowly turned the handle, taking a deep breath I took my first steps outside since the chaos started. I wandered my street peering into my neighbors houses looking for any sign of life. The street was just way to quiet for my liking, My thoughts wandered to what if I was the only one left, what if they got everyone else but me. I feel like there should have been some eerie music playing. I made my way back home looking behind me to make sure nothing had followed me.

Everything I had ever read about Zombies flashed through my mind, I wish there would have been one source that told you exactly what to expect, but no one could have expected this. There had always been speculation... But what made it start now? All the super hero movies I'd ever watched made me want to think toxic waste, kryptonite, giant mosquitoes. I had to do more research, find survivors. I had to do something. Sitting in the middle of my bed, I packed a tiny bag with the key essentials food, water etc. I devised a what I thought of as a well planned out plan and figured I would head to the inner city, look for survivors then I would head north and meet up with my friend Zakk. You see he was so well versed in the Zombie apocalypse survival, he knew almost everything you needed to know. I look back on our conversations now and wish that I would have actually listened to half the crap he said. I do remember having a in depth conversation with him about his survival plan, in which he stated that if the "Zombies" were to come that we would meet up north at a little cafe just off route...darn where was that cafe I would have to find a map somewhere.

All this excitement had made me a little sleepy, I glanced at the clock on the wall and it showed nine forty-five. I hopped in the shower, hoping to ease my nerves at what lay ahead tomorrow. Let's hope its not to horrible...

Oct 4th, 2011, 11:31 PM
I like it! The setting is pretty good so far. Aside from a tiny bit of grammatical issues, really well done =]

Oct 5th, 2011, 02:50 AM
Gosh getting on my vase and here you are missing words and punctuation... Meh better for me.. !!!!

Oct 10th, 2011, 04:12 PM
DAY 2 Part One - The Prius <br />
I had been awake for several hours with the sunshine streaming in through a crack in the plywood I had been using as a window cover on the biggest basement window. I was...

Oct 17th, 2011, 01:15 PM
There will be no post made today re: the story. I'm currently @occupyEdmonton. www.occupytogether.org :) sorry for any inconvience

Oct 23rd, 2011, 01:47 PM
Hey, Ami, guess what! I read it! :) lol. It is good, a few grammatical errors and such but it is good. We can talk more about it later, I'm about to head out since I am starving. Can't wait until the next one.

Nov 7th, 2011, 11:58 AM
And that’s when everything went black…

I felt my whole body tense, my heart race. I blinked a few times adjusting my vision to the now darkness. Crap I muttered to myself. I had figured it was only a matter of time before the power went out however I still figured I had a few days. This was going to make finding people about a billion times harder. Wielding my new found mop I made my way back towards the main entrance. The only things down this wing were a set of bathrooms and the maintenance closet at the end of the hall. I have always thought of myself as a people person but while I was searching the bathrooms I let my selfish side come out I found myself wondering why Im searching for survivors when I could be on some beach somewhere enjoying the solitude. My thoughts were cut short when I almost walked into a door. Hey I was I was a lawyer not that I was graceful. I shook my head a few times to get myself thinking straight again and stopped just before the door to the stairwell. How far into this did I want to go. I was supose to be meeting Zakk within the next couple of days, what if he was already there and waiting for me, No I remembered his previous text about coming to get me. however that did not mean I wanted to spend the rest of my life looking for survivors.
I made my way up the metal staircase careful not to make to much noise but to go up them as fast as I could. Stairs with open back had always freaked me out ever since I seen that movie Gothica you know where the woman reaches through the stairs and grabs the ankle of the person going down them. Scary movies have always terrified me and now it seems I was living one. I keep thinking that dude from saw was gonna pop his head out a closet. I reached the second floor and shifting the weight of the mop into my left hand before I slowly turned the handle of the second floor door. Thankfully the stairs in my building were only at one end of the hall. I peaked into the first office that I seen and grabbed a chair to prop against the stairwell door just in case I had been followed. My tummy grumbled and I glanced down as I took my phone out of my pocket to check the time quarter after two. I didn't think it had taken me that long to drive to my work form home I could have sworn I left just after ten....

The end..till next week.