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Chapter 9 – El Chupacabra

Chapter 9: El Chupacabra

The Atlas doesn’t feel much like home anymore. The world underground grows darker as a new terror has made its way beneath the surface. Legend has it that a green goat sucker named El Chupacabra will take your soul for an entire evening, only to return it safely the next day. Will the soldiers tempt fate by welcoming such an unholy beast?

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The Current Occupants of the Atlas:

Christy Carlson Romano as Gloria
Brenna Otts as Anita
Erin Breen as Rhonda
Brett Newton as Puck
Shaun Lewin as Muldoon
Christian Vieira as Carl
Tony Reyes as Robbins
We’re Alive Goldrush Poster

MORE info and art in our official Media Press kit.

Goldrush will follow the following release schedule:
10 September 2019 – 7 AM PST Chapter 1 “On the Road Again”
17 September 2019 – 7 AM PST Chapter 2 “Bushwacker”
18 September 2019 – 7 AM PST Chapter 3 “Dusty Trails”
24 September 2019 – 7 AM PST Chapter 4 “The Ride of ‘Inglorious Bastard'”
1 Oct 2019 – 7 AM PST Chapter 5 “The Atlas”
8 Oct 2019 – 7 AM PST Chapter 6 “Multi-Chambered”
15 Oct 2019 – 7 AM PST Chapter 7 ” The Last Day”
22 Oct 2019 – 7 AM PST Chapter 8 “Joyride”
29 Oct 2019 – 7 AM PST Chapter 9 “El Chupacabra”
30 Oct 2019 – 7 AM PST Behind the Mic – Audio Documentary
5 Nov 2019 – 7 AM PST Chapter 10

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