We’re Alive is a Zombie Radio Drama that follows the survival of “the tower”. Although it is considered a zombie podcast, the serial audio drama focuses on the characters and drama involved in surviving the zombie apocalypse. Old time Radio dramas have evolved into this modern audio drama, accompanied by a full cast of actors and a complete sound design. This series could be considered a horror podcast, and listener discretion is advised as it contains violent zombies and language advisory.

This Page contains the Character Datu Mata for We’re Alive.


Full Name:

    Datu Mata

Former Occupation:

    Maintenance Man


    Has been building maintenance in the tower

    for years. He lives on the 2nd floor and has

    been saving money and sending it to Luzon.   Datu has family back home in the Philippines.

Special Talents:

    Can fix most anything.

Character Performed by:

Jay Olegario