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We are looking for a few good Zinterns for Season 4! Yes, this is very early, but we’re always looking forward and ahead. Being a Zintern (Zombie Intern) is unpaid, but it comes along with some great advantages like:

1. You get to work on We’re Alive.
2. You get great on the job training for audio productions, or just productions in general.
3. If in college, this is a legitimate production and we can count towards college internship credits.
4. You get to work with very dedicated and motivated people.
5. YES, you have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, but you get to find out what happens early.

ON SET Zinterns Positions:

Audio Recordist: Captures the takes, makes marks on the timeline, watches for peaks, or errors. Works with mixing board operator. Stops and starts each recording take.
Script Supervisor: Listens VERY closely to every word said on set. Marks the scripts corresponding with the take # or timecode recorded. Makes sure we get each and every piece in the script.


1.We require that you live within commuting distance of 92866 (Zip code of our recording studio)
2.Have some knowledge or experience with Audio/Video editing OR very good at taking notes.
3.Ready, willing and able to listen and be trained.
4.Must sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and be very secretive. We take this very seriously.
5.Available for recording days, Approximately 8 to 10 hours every two months.

OFF-SET Zintern Position:

Voice-Cut Editor: Takes the raw recording session and breaks it up onto the timeline, taking out the pieces inbetween takes, combines the multiple performances onto one timeline. Prepares the episode for voices only to go to the sound FX stage/designers.


1.Have access to a computer capable of running Pro Tools. (We would provide the software and hardware to run Pro Tools.)
2.Have some knowledge or experience with Audio/Video editing.
3.Must sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and be very secretive. We take this very seriously.
4.Available for Voice-Cuts, Approximately 4 hours per week during production weeks.
5.High Speed Internet connection for file transfers.
6.CAN be local if need be, but not required.


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Creator of "We're Alive: A Story of Survival" and "We're Alive: Lockdown". Writer and director, with a current focus on audio drama production.
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