Time: Friday July 19th, at 8 PM PST

So, SDCC is upon us again. Many have asked us if we’re going to have a booth, or be there. No booth this year. It’s a bit of a pain to spend all of comic-con working and never getting to see or do anything. It’s MUCH better if we set up just a single meet-up and hang out with the fans and get to have a drink.
UPDATE: Free swag to the first 5 people there! What might that be? Come and find out!

Last year we did this and had a blast, so we’re doing it again.

AGAIN: Friday July 19th, at 8 PM PST

Who will be there for sure:
Grayson Stone, Producer
Kc Wayland, Writer/Director
Greg Miller, Pete (Will be there at 8 to start us off, may not get to stay too long)
Jay Olegario, Datu

Blaire Byhower, Lizzy
Brett Newton, Puck

(We’ll work on more possibly, but this is a pretty informal meet-and-greet)

743 5th Ave, San Diego, CA ‎
(619) 234-4393


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We’ll get there early and stake out a place at the bar like we did last year. There really isn’t much of an option for reservations, and we don’t set up anything with Fridays (because they don’t let you).

Are you coming? Post below and let us know so we can get an idea of how many to expect. We COULD get a table like last year so we can have a few snacks and drinks.

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