It’s been a few weeks since we launched our Patreon campaign and we’ve been a bit busy in the meantime.

Today, for starters, we are proud to reveal art for We’re Alive: Goldrush! (thanks again to Tony Yin)


Now to cover a few initial FAQ’s:

  1. We’re Alive: Goldrush will be releasing this fall!
  2. It will be available for free on our podcast channels, like our other series.
  3. Goldrush is a self-contained story like Lockdown, but will be longer.
  4. Goldrush contains familiar characters from We’re Alive, and mostly takes place during the middle of the We’re Alive timeline.
  5. More info will be released soon!

We’re Alive: Goldrush is our next “big” project, and we’re ready to get this mine-cart rolling! Follow our social media profiles to stay up to date, you never know when we may release some new details or a sneak peek.

Also this week, we have a preview of some our limited collector’s pins! This pin is the first in our series, and is a special glow-in-the dark commemoration of our 8 years of We’re Alive being…alive! Only 250 of these pins are being made, and that’s it! To reserve the number of your choice from 6-250, check out the “Collector” tier on our Patreon. If all 250 are not claimed by patrons, the remaining pins may become available on our store at a later date. In the meantime, here are a few preview pictures from our manufacturer! Didn’t these turn out awesome?



Last week we were equally as busy. Kc packed up the “theater for the mind” and shared We’re Alive at HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Expo AND at E3: Electronic Entertainment Expo!

While at HEAR Now Wayland Productions was awarded with the 2017 Audience Favorite Award for We’re Alive: Lockdown! Thank you again to HEAR Now for the great honor and the recognition, and thank you to all of the audience members who made it possible. We hope to be back soon…perhaps with We’re Alive: Goldrush next time?

After HEAR Now, it was on to E3! E3 is one of the biggest events of the year in the United States for gamers and entertainment enthusiasts, and this year We’re Alive was there with our Listen & Recharge Lounge. Throughout the week we offered a place to hang out, listen to We’re Alive, and charge up devices in the middle of the busy convention floor. We even organized a little Mario Kart tournament! It was a blast and we are glad to have been able to meet some fans out “in the wild.” We’re hoping to make more “live” appearances soon, but finishing up We’re Alive: Goldrush will of course take precedence, a decision I’m sure you’ll agree with!

During all of these happenings, our Patreon has been going strong. We are nearly at 90 patrons with over $600/month! This is a huge accomplishment within our first few weeks, and to those who have joined thank you so much for this initial boost. We are working hard at releasing new content and rewards, and will be posting Part 3 of We’re Alive: Archive – Chapter 1 later this week. After that, we will be preparing for the next We’re Alive: Archive livestream (date TBD).  We will be looking for more fan questions for this next livestream, so stay tuned for updates in regard to the livestream schedule on our social media profiles.

That’s all for now, we will be back soon with some more updates as we have them. Thanks for listening!

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