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    Zombie Hater's Week 13 Round Up!

    So this is the last week of the regular season and what a season it has been. Will we end up with a 3 way tie in the Tower division. Can Azoic pull out a win to at least not be as bad in a losing season. Where will the playoff teams land and continue from there. Going to be a fun week. Not too worried about how my picks went just enjoying the games now.


    Jeremy Maclin.
    Hamstring. Out again.

    Micheal Vick.
    Ribs. Not healed yet so will not play.

    Sidney Rice.
    Concussion. 2nd of the year and put on IR.

    Darren McFadden.
    Foot. Still out.

    Denarius Moore.
    Foot. Out as well.

    Adrian Peterson.
    Ankle. Does not look good may be out again.

    Miles Austin.
    Hamstring. Looks to rest his injury another week.

    Team Moves.

    Paint Huffing Warriors.
    Dropped Mike Tolbert and picked up Kevin Smith.
    Tough move. Tolbert had so much potential this season. Now he is basically a 3rd down back that may have a big breakout making him worth playing. Smith is in as RB in Detroit but is possibly out since he injured his ankle.

    Azoic Defenders.
    Dropped Felix Jones and picked up Ben Tate.
    Tough move. Jones has not performed as well since his return since DeMarco Murray is now splitting time with him and taking more than half his plays away. Tate has become a 2 pronged running attack in Houston but is still 2nd fiddle to Arian Foster. Could work for the better.

    Azoic Defenders.
    Dropped Sam Bradford and picked up Mark Ingram.
    Bradford has not had a season we expected from him. Mark Ingram has come back from injury but we have found he may have become a trash play back for now. Not a horrible move.

    Voodoo Children.
    Added Heath Miller.
    Miller has not had the amount of action that we have seen from him in previous season. But he does still produce even on a smaller scale.

    Paint Huffing Warriors.
    Dropped Matt Moore and picked up Toby Gerhart.
    Good move. Gerhart has talent and will be a good back up to the now out Adrian Paterson. Moore was a good filler and nothing more.

    Azoic Defenders.
    Dropped Christian Ponder and picked up Percy Harvin.
    Ponder is good filler but if you have other options it makes him fodder. Harvin has seen his value move up as Peterson has been out. Could be a good temporary move.

    Winter Nom Noms.
    Dropped Andy Dalton and picked up Christian Ponder.
    Both have really tough games this week. Ponder is possible to have a better season but not a better week.

    Paint Huffing Warriors.
    Dropped Nick Folk and picked up Sebastian Janikowski.
    Kicker for a kicker.

    Voodoo Children.
    Picked up Andy Dalton.
    Good move in that he has had a decent season though facing the Steelers defense this week may be tough.

    Azoic Defenders (GodofInsanity) vs Clear Sights (Clear Sights) .

    Tom Brady vs Mark Sanchez.
    Before I go into the plus side of Tom Brady's match up this week, I want to take a moment to look at Sanchez. Last week he pulled off 4 TD's. But you must remember who he was playing. The Bills how has a defense that is in shambles. This week he faces the Redskins who are much much better at pass defense than the Bills. No look at Brady. He faces a team with no wins and has not been able to stop...anything. Who am I taking. Brady of course. This is his slot.

    Joe Flacco vs Kyle Orton.
    There is the question if Orton is going to start this weekend yet. We expect him to but not enough to slip him this slot. Flacco is in for a tough game. The Browns have really stiffened up there defense over the last 8 weeks. He takes this slot only because we are not sure on Orton being in and if it will be enough of a learning curve for him to do well.

    Mark Ingram vs Chris Johnson.
    You won't see me take Johnson very often, but this week is just to tempting to pass up. He faces the Bills who have been having a real hard time to stop the run as well as the pass. Looking at his 190 yard performance last week against another weak rush defense makes him to good to pass up. Ingram got the trash yards and TD at the end of last weeks game. Likely right now that’s what he will pick up every game since Sproles and Thomas are doing really well also at the RB position in New Orleans. This is Johnson's slot.

    Percy Harvin vs Hakeem Nicks.
    I like Harvin here. He is going to be Christian Ponder's main target since Micheal Jenkins and Adrian Peterson both look out this week. Harvin is a triple threat as they have handed him the ball, thrown to him and is the return carrier on special teams. So he has a lot of chance to make points. Nicks will be playing injured at best this week. He will get a workout though and Manningham could be out another week letting him get more looks but I think Victor Cruz may be there main WR this weekend. This is Harvin's slot.

    Anquan Boldin vs DeSean Jackson.
    I am not sure I am ready to bite on Jackson being the go to this week playing against the Seahawks bad secondary. He has had a lot of problems and even if Vick returns it may not do him much if the other WR's get the ball thrown to them instead of his direction. Boldin may not be the rising star in Baltimore but he is the seasoned veteran which means he gets the looks and the throws. He may not have a huge game but it will do well enough for him to take this slot.

    Jason Witten vs Jermicheal Finley.
    Witten has not picked up like we had hoped with Miles Austin being out. Nothing to snuff at but not as good as expected. This week looks up as they face the Cardinals and he has done well against them before. Finley takes this slot as he faces the Giants and they seem to have a lot of trouble stopping opposing TE's. As hot as Aaron Rodger's has been this season we expect him to get some good numbers this week.

    Redskins vs Saints.
    The Redskins will be looking to make the Jets sit up and take notice that last weeks easy TD's will not happen against them. Expect a lot of blitzes to keep Sanchez off his game. The Saints face a tough Lions offense and may not have what it takes to stop them. Expect this game to be a shot out with the defenses there to allow offenses a breather. This is the Redskins slot.

    Azoic Defenders should cap out his season with a win taking this slot.

    Team Devil Dogs (USMCludwig) vs Get To Da Choppa! (Joosbawx) .

    Tavaris Jackson vs Matt Ryan.
    Starting with Jackson, he faces an Eagles team that is in the hunt for a playoff berth and needs this win. The Eagles defense will be there to play. No matter of what the problems we see on the Eagles offense you can expect there defense to try to take up the slack. Jackson is also without his #1 WR Sidney Rice this week. Ryan will have his toughest game in 5 weeks. The Texans secondary have not allowed more than 121 yards per game in the same time Ryan's has been hot. I am still going with Ryan in this slot. He has been hot and will give the Texans a workout.

    Carson Palmer vs Tim Tebow.
    Ah a match between to guys that didn't play the 1st games of the season. Replacement QB's. Both with decent success. Tebow by the numbers should be on the bench but he has the ability to run out of many problems he has on the field. He faces the Vikings who may give him a tough time or give him some honest game time experience throwing the ball since they are bad against the pass. Palmer may be without his main WR's but last week he did the same and didn't miss a beat. Tebow takes this slot because when he can't throw he will run and so far no one has really been able to stop that.

    Cedric Benson vs Willis McGahee.
    Not sure how I feel about Benson against the Steelers this week. He has become a goal line back and the Steelers have only allowed 7 rushing TD's in 10 weeks. McGahee is up against a decent rush defense as well. Normally I would tack in how much his QB runs taking away from his value but this team has become a running team that we haven't seen before. Most teams do not run as often as this team does. By sheer volume McGahee take this slot.

    Vincent Jackson vs Micheal Bush.
    Its not that I think Jackson is untalented. He is one of the top receivers in the league. Usually with one of the top passers in the game throwing to him. Rivers has had a tough season this yea and it has hurt Jackson’s numbers. He has a good match up this week and that should boost his numbers. Bush does not have to rely on anyone but his lead blocker and he has been doing well this season. Add in they face Miami who has stiffened there defense. It could be a tough game but even if McFadden returns this week this will be Bush's slot.

    Larry Fitzgerald vs Laurent Robinson.
    Kolb will be back throwing to Fitzgerald. Not sure if this is a blessing or a curse. Add in they face Dallas who have done really well these last few weeks. Not sure if Kolb is going to need time to back into the roll of the game either. Admittedly Robinson has been a TD machine these last few weeks and even if Austin returns it should still play out well for him. I think Robinson takes this slot.

    Jimmy Graham vs Aaron Hernandez.
    Hernandez has not had a double digit game since week 6. Seems his opposite in New England, Gronkowski gets a lot of the action leaving him some crumbs. Up side is he faces the Colts this week allowing a lot of crumbs to go around for everyone. Graham faces the Lions who are down a defensive player and should be able to capitalize on that. Normally he would be the go to here but Hernandez facing the winless Colts is very tempting. Hernandez takes this slot.

    Texans vs Falcons.
    Texans have become a must play defense this season. They have only allowed 121 yards passing in there last 5 games. Ryan’s has had some really good games in previous weeks but this could be a real tough match for him. The Falcons should do well stopping a 3rd string QB's passing game but may not have an answer for a 3 pronged rush game that could be mounted against them. Texans takes this slot.

    This slot goes to Get To Da Choppa!

    Cats HateHitler (Mem) vs Winter Nom Noms (Mrscott101) .

    Aaron Rodgers vs Tony Romo.
    A day against the Cardinals should spell a good day for Romo. We worry a bit on his turnovers last week to the Dolphins wondering if that was just fluke or in the Cardinals could come out and show a little something. Truthfully it was worth mentioning but doesn't worry us too much. Rodgers is up against the Giants and will have a great day. Last week he had 4 TD's and there is no reason to see something like that again this week. Granted if he had that performance every week would we be surprised. This is Rodger's slot.

    Alex Smith vs Josh Freeman.
    Smith is up against a team with the 10th most sacks in the league. After being beat up last week he may have a rinse and repeat moment here. Beyond that the Rams defense is pretty full of holes so if he can get some protection he should have a nice day. Freeman has had some bad days this season. Carolina is ripe for the picking but with only a few weapons at his disposal it still could become a tough day. This is Smith's slot.

    DeMarco Murray vs LeSean McCoy.
    I like McCoys match up this week. He faces a Seahawks defense that is decent at stopping the run but has also had an up and down season at doing just that. Murray is also primed for a great day facing off with the Cardinals. McCoy has the better match up and takes this slot.

    Jonathon Stewart vs Victor Cruz.
    Cruz went from being 3rd on the look list to being in my opinion 1st to get a look and a pass. Add in that Manningham may not play again this week and that Green Bay has a lousy secondary and he should have a good game. Stewart as far as I am concerned is a bust at his position. He does get some points on the board for a fantasy team but there is no guarantee there of that. This slot goes to Cruz.

    Calvin Johnson vs Steve Smith.
    The Saints is another team that relies on outscoring there opponent than trying to have a good secondary to stop the pass. This sets up a good day for Johnson. Stafford and Detroit has been having a tough time since there running game went out the window with Jahvid Best and his concussion, but do not let that scare you off here. Smith is Cam Newtons favorite target when he gets the ball in the air for the Panthers passing game. Expect a good game as well with his downside being Newtons ability to run when needed to. This is Johnson's slot.

    Vernon Davis vs Kellen Winslow.
    Both these guys can have great games and both can have real stinkers. Davis is up against the Rams and Smith may need a place to dump the ball off to if the heat gets to heavy in the pocket. Winslow may be affected by Freeman having a tough time getting the ball where his receivers are. Truthfully I like Davis and his match up best here.

    Steelers vs 49ers.
    Right off I can say that the 49ers are the favorite in this match up. They have not allowed 21 points in 8 weeks. The Rams offense can best be described as dismal. The Steelers are up against the Bengals who have a decent pass game and a goal line runner in Cedric Benson. The potential is high for good games here for both teams, but the 49ers are more likely to capitalize here. This is there slot.

    I think Cats HateHitler rebounds this week with a win.

    Team D3ad (7oddisdead) vs Mallers Da Winna (COsurvivor) .
    Team D3ad is an inactive team so will briefly note Mallers players.

    Eli Manning.
    Up side. Green Bay does not rank very high against the pass. Down side, Eli has a rough time with interceptions and holding onto the ball. He won't be shut down and should have a good game.

    Matt Hasselback.
    Hasselback's only upside is that he faces the Bills and that it may actually generate some fantasy points for him.

    Arian Foster.
    A team that is down to its 3rd string QB and possibly bringing in Jake Delhomme is going to run the shit out of it's running backs. Atlanta has a tough rush defense but expect him to tear up his part of the Texans 2 pronged rushing attack.

    Rashard Mendenhall.
    He has not got a lot of TD's this season. This week may be his week but there is a good possibility for him to tank as well.

    Plaxico Burress.
    He has some good game ahead of him this season and this looks to be one of them. The Redskins have a decent secondary but could end up stretched out a bit here allowing him to be a red zone favorite target for Sanchez.

    Dustin Keller.
    I won't jump on this band wagon after last weeks performance. I will say this, he does have the talent to do that again but the Jets have utilized him to his full ability this season and seeing it happen one game does not mean we see a trend here but maybe a fluke. If he is all you got what the hell go for it but if you have something more reliable it may be the play.

    Normally I would down trod this defense. It cannot stop a wiffle ball it seems. But this week they play the winless Colts. So this can go 2 ways. They stop the Colts as all teams have this season and have a great fantasy score or they let the Colts run all over this weak defense and just rely on Brady and company to score, score and score all day long putting the Colts in a very deep hole. I bet they tromp the Colts defensively but won't write off the other possibility.

    Paint Huffing Warriors (TCM Revolver) vs Voodoo Children (Nikvoodoo) .

    Ben Roethlisberger vs Drew Brees.
    Big Ben faces a team that was a threat with a tough secondary 5 weeks ago. This week his thumb should be healed up some more. Expect a good game with him and his respective WR's. The thing to watch is for his thumb to be hurt some more with a set back. Brees faces off with the Lions. The Lions defense has done really well this season but do we truly see them able to stop Brees. Forget the suspension of Suh as that effects the rush more. Brees may have to work for it a bit more but he takes this slot with ease.

    Matthew Stafford vs Cam Newton.
    Both these QB's have a lot of potential to have great games this week. Stafford is going to hurt with not having an effective running game to pull some heat off of him and his WR's and that has shown in previous games. But the Saints gave up 400 yards just under a week ago as the pulled in a couple interceptions. Stafford has the talent to get the same yards and better ball control. Newton is up against the Buccaneers and even though he has not had huge passing numbers he does have the ability to run the shit out of the ball and Tampa is almost last against the rush. He will have a big day as well and takes this slot.

    Matt Forte vs Reggie Bush.
    I am going to start out by saying this is Forte's slot. Here is why. The Bears are going to have to rely on him to get to the playoffs. Its not out of reach but they have a young 2nd string QB in and there is going to be a heavy reliance on the run. They face the Chiefs. The Chiefs have not been able to stop the rush and even this week, knowing that is going to be there primary job, will fail at it. Do not get me wrong. Bush is primed to get a really good game against the Raiders as well. The Raiders also have had a tough time stopping the run and Bush though not a big yardage guy could definitely become a big scorer in life and fantasy wise on the goal line. But the Bears and Forte have more on the line and will dominate.

    Wes Welker vs LaGarrette Blount.
    Tough call. I want to go with Blount. He is up against the Panthers who will let him run all over them all day long. Now fully healthy for the last couple games and more he has finally come in and helped this team in the direction it should have been going earlier this season. Granted still not many wins but something they could have built off of. Welker plays the Colts. The Colts will not be able to stop Welker. Brady will throw to Welker a lot. The only downside is he has a lot of weapons to throw to and Welker may lose a bit in the mix. This slot goes to Welker.

    Greg Jennings vs Dez Bryant.
    Who came up empty last week. Bryant did. It looks like Austin may be out again this week but we can see that Laurent Robinson is the go to guy here, Bryant will get passes thrown to him and he will have a decent day but do not expect a breakout day. Jennings showed last week that week 11 was a fluke and do not expect a day like that very often. This week and the rest of his season looks pretty good with there line up. The Giants did well stopping the pass early in the season but has not recently so this slot goes to Jennings.

    Rob Gronkowski vs Jake Ballard.
    Ballard has not had a season most had hoped him to have considering a lot of people expected him to be that must play TE. He is a must play TE in the idea there are not a lot of TE's out there even worth looking at and he does put some points on the board. Gronkowski has pulled ahead as being the go to TE for the Patriots. This week against the Colts he could easily explode. He takes this slot.

    Lions vs Ravens.
    Now last weeks game is exactly what we expect from the Ravens defense. A complete shut down of an opposing offense. This week against the Browns we can expect more of the same show. Colt McCoy may not know what hit him as a team leading the league in sacks runs over him. Now I want you to look carefully at the Lions match-up. They play a team that is 1st in the league with the pass throwing an average of 324 yards a game. They have thrown 27 touchdowns in 11 games. Just what in the hell are we seeing the Lions defense up here against this beast of an offense ready to roll over them I do not know. This is the Ravens slot.

    By picks Warriors takes this win. But it will be a good match up.
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    Alright....this whole me losing for the last 5 weeks in a row (including to 70dd who's dead line up kicked my ass by virtue of 62 points by two players.....) it's time for this crap to end!!! REVOLVER: YOU'RE GOING DOWN!
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    Holy shit. Took him down then put your boot on his chest and put him down is more like it. CaM Newton, 1 passing td...3 RUSHING TD's. Geez...he stays alive. It looks like its gonna be a 4 way tie depending if USMCludwig pulls out his win.
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    Fucking Christ on crutches.....I lost by .8 points. *^%*()&!!! Excuse me, I am going to find the nearest cliff and jump!
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