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    Notebook Liking Antagonists More Than Protagonists & is it Weird?

    I had a semi-revelation while watching the series premiere of "Terra Nova" and about halfway through (I think) the human antagonist (to the colonists who are the protagonists) were revealed. They are known as "the Sixers" "The Sixers are a group of humans who came to Terra Nova. They appeared to be ordinary citizens, but they separated from the main colony for a yet unknown purpose, becoming an added menace to the citizens of Terra Nova. Their name is a reference to the Sixth Pilgrimage, of which all current Sixers are from."

    Now 1st off I already didn't give 2 shits less about the main characters, not because of what I already knew about them the acting or anything like that. It's just because they are the most generic fucking characters ever! I'm not saying this series lacks originality but the characters are damn near effortless. Not only that but almost every character (other than "the Sixers") either comes off as an authoritarian asshole (like the police officer main character guy, I was too busy hating him to learn the characters name) or a complete and total submissive spineless bitch.

    When the Sixers made their appearance I instantly liked them more than the other colony! And earlier today when a friend of mine asked me had I seen Terra Nova I remembered the feeling I had when the Sixers came in. The almost same exact joy and excitement I felt when the Mallers came into play in WA. Or damn near any war movie (or in other form of media for that matter) involving smaller Guerilla forces fighting against larger imperialistic forces (Vietnam war movies and such.) Not to bring this into something like history or wars though because 1 persons foe is another persons hero. But anyway is it weird that I tend to take a liking to antagonists? This isn't always true though.

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    Not really. I've always liked the Shredder more than the turtles, especially in the new 2003 series.
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    If there were no bad guys, there would be no story. I love an evil character I can root for.
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